Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What I am up to

Well the busiest time of our year is just about to start. Hubby has a writers convention in Grand Rapids tomorrow and he will be gone for two days. Oldest Son is playing piano in a solo ensemble on Friday night, and Oldest and the Next Son are playing in the Michigan Christian Convention with our worship band from church on Saturday. May is even busier with two week long work trips for Hubby (but I get to go to one in North Carolina with him for the week!!! Yea for me:)) I hope to finish out school by the end of May, but I think this year we might have some "summer stragglers" that we will have to have to finish. I have been trying to do some extra spinning, because I have been so busy that I haven't had time, so I am trying to make up for lost time. Can't wait to get the garden going this year. No bites on our house at all and right now the market is dead, so I am making summer plans here at this house and somewhat planning for many more years here:))) Still hoping for goats, have some minor linguistics to figure out first, but would love some Angora and Nubians, maybe some Pygoras too. We'll see!

Making Soap

Pear blossoms

Cherry blossoms

Homemade Quiche filled with Homegrown eggs, milk, bacon and cheese!

Spun Angora Yarn


OurCrazyFarm said...

That quiche looks so yummy! Our hens have started laying heavy again~ any egg recipes are great!

I'll keep praying that your house would sell. Selling homes is a very stressful time, isn't it?

How fun! Goats! Yay! And your soap looks terrific~ a nice creamy texture. Did you use oils, or just lard?? I am thinking to try some oils next time I make soap but not sure just which ones are better.

Renee said...

This recipe comes for the Summer 2007 Hobby Farm Home magazine. The article was called "Making Natural Soap" It is my favorite recipe, because the bars are nice and hard too. Maybe it is on their site somewhere? If not I will put it on the blog....maybe I will anyway!