Thursday, January 14, 2010

Exciting News

I had posted about Hubby being invited to talk on a "Blog Talk" radio show a couple of weeks ago. Well to make a LONG story short, they asked him to HOST the Tuesday night radio show program!!!! We were sooo excited. This is totally a God thing. He has no background, no schooling, no experience in radio at all. He goal this year was just to get his book out there and published and now he has been turned in a different direction completely. He has done an interview, ran the switchboard, and been on a couple more of the shows in the last couple of weeks. Technology is amazing, he is able to do all of this through our bedroom in his sweats!! Check out the site it is . They have two shows, He said, she said on Friday nights, and the one Hubby will be hosting Christian Devotions Speak Up! on Tuesday nights. There is also devotions you can sign up for to be emailed to you every morning. I told him I had a feeling about 2010, but I had no idea we would start the year out with such a bang. I am keeping busy with fiber orders, baby rabbit sales, a hat order and a stocking order, so the New Year is looking bright for us!

Ice Skating

We went to a homeschool open ice skating event today at a indoor rink about 30 miles from us. The kids and I skated for 2 1/2 hours almost straight! I LOVE to ice skate. When I was a kid I was lucky enough to have a Dad that built ice rinks in our backyard! I was going to be the next Dorthy Hamill...then real life kicked in LOL. I still can do most of the tricks. My kids were pretty impressed with their "really old mom" out there showing up the young ones:))) We had a blast !

Horse Back Riding

Our younger daughter should I put HORSE CRAZY!!! She has loved horses since she was very small. We have the stuffed horses, horse curtains, horse bedding, horse magazines, everything except for, well, the horse! About 2 years ago we became aware of a riding stable about three miles from us that does thereputic riding. When I called to asked if B. could just get lessons we found out she was able to and has been taking almost weekly lessons from Mrs. Chris. She loves it, almost every Wednesday morning she comes down with her "cowgirl" gear on complete with her hat. Here are some pics. of her last lesson. I must admit, I love to ride, but watching her gallop makes me nervous. She isn't even phased!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese

Cheese Press from Hubby

Youngest and I Christmas morning

My Girls


Everything is quite around here today. The youngest three and I just finished the second Anne of Green Gables movie and now are off playing. Hubby and "the eldest" are in Indiana to take home his friend who has been staying with us. The last five days or so has been filled with games and food. We have had a great time. I have my 2# block of cheese sitting on my counter waiting to be waxed. I am soo excited to try it, but will have to wait about 4 weeks. I am posting pictures of the last week or so. Enjoy!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

We had a very peaceful and wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year. We have spent time at home today with Hubby and the kids playing games and I have been making Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese with the cheese press Hubby got me for Christmas! Our oldest two boys have a couple of friends over (one all the way from Indiana who is spending a few days with us) The younger ones and I watched Little Women today (the one with Wynonna Rider and Susan Sarandon) I love that movie! I am pretty sure now I was shipped to the wrong century:)!!! I know God has plans for me here though. Hubby has diligently pursuing publishing houses for his book the last few weeks, and this morning he was surprised with an invited to a web-cast (I think this is what you would call it) to a Christian Devotional site here:
He will be on at 7:00p.m. eastern time tonight to talk about the site (he has a couple of submissions sent in here) and hopefully be able to mention his book and our convictions on family. We are really excited, and this is right up his alley (with the talking thing LOL)!!!!!!!!! I have another batch of angora rabbits, this time it is English ones. I hope to post some pics yet this weekend! I have quite a few for sale right now. With the cheese making going on in the kitchen, Hubby is considering some goats for the fam! (my dream) Hope everyone has had a blessed New Year!