Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Too long!

It has been crazy around here lately! I still have a ton of pictures I want to get on here and redo the blog some now that school is done for us and I have more time, but it will have to wait for now! We have had a TON going on and it started a couple of weeks ago. Second son broke his foot jumping on the trampoline and was looking at possible surgery. Right now it looks ok but we are still in waiting mode to see. Then a couple of weeks later my 89 year Grandma passed away suddenly. ( I say suddenly because she could still beat me in a foot race and play cards until all hours of the morning with Hubby and I:)) Then last Friday night we got slammed with a HUGE storm (it was originally thought to be a tornado that went through but now they are calling it "Straight line winds" over 75mph)We have damage to the house (minor compared to the other houses I've seen around here), lost a few trees, the above trampoline is destroyed and hubby's truck took a beating. So we are still without power, they are saying 11:00 pm tomorrow. So in the mean time I stole the generator from the freezer to get on-line and check things out:) We had our first batch of angora babies born yesterday only 1 of the 3 survived. I think mama had a hard time being its here first batch and all the craziness going on around here not to mention the 90+ temperatures. So we will try again and hope we have the one still make it. The kids are staying at Grandpas and Grandmas because all you "hicks" know when the power is out in the country NO WATER WHICH MEANS NO POTTY and with 5 kids that doesnt work real well! I am getting them today because I Miss them sooooo much and we will make do until tomorrow if I have to get water for the toilet from the drainage ditch! My oldest son had his piano recital last night and did ABSOULUTELY AMAZING!!!! God has given him an amazing gift. He plays right from his toes and I almost started crying it was so moving. Hubby and I were both so proud (still not sure where the music talent comes from though). Well I need to get my freezer plug back in! I will hopefully have more on next week and more regularly.