Friday, January 30, 2009

Will Winter EVER End?

This is the big question on my mind. Here in Michigan it has been COLD and I don't mean freezing I mean teens and single digits for most of the last 3 weeks. I woke up to more snow this week and as much as I love the snow I am ready for a thaw! In the midst of my "cabin fever" I decided to rip the wall paper off my kitchen (I know my husband thought the same thing) It needed to be done, but we were going to wait until we re-did the entire kitchen, cupboards and everything. Well with the economy so bad especially here in Michigan we know we wont be able to for a few more years. So the kids and I started ripping paper down last Thurs. and gave Grandma Joyce a holler and by Thurs. this week it was all done (thank you Grandma) That woman is amazing, she could outdo me in a day. So here are some pictures of my "way under $100 kitchen make-over". I love it! I am also throwing in some pics of the dogs and Cool stuff from our Africa Unit study that we finished out this week with our feast.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Deep thought for Saturday morning

I have a question for some of you out there that have animals that has been on my mind. Does anyone but me sometimes do morning chores in their pj's? I told you it was deep :) For Christmas Hubby got me a pair of pink footie zip-up pj's (think Ralphie from Christmas story without the ears and the eyes staring up at him) and I wear them quite often because here in Michigan, nights get cold, especially with Hubby turning down the furnace (WAY down). So I usually do the rabbits early in the morning and bring them in to groom them, well the other day I had my pj's on and he took one look at me and wanted to know why I was doing chores in my pink footies? My answer: they are very warm. So back to my original question, does anyone else do this?!