Monday, April 5, 2010


R. cut her LONG hair and donated it to Locks of Love

March seemed like such a long month for me and then all the sudden it is just gone! We had a wonderful Easter with family and neither Hubby or I took pictures yesterday which is so unlike us. We went camping Friday night to some family property about 30 minutes from here. We are having un-seasonalbly warm weather here so the tent was actually comfortable for the first part of April. Hubby and I also celebrated our 18th anniversary yesterday! The night before our wedding eighteen years ago, we got a 9 inch snow storm, so you never can tell what the weather will be!! April already seems to be packed full for us. Oldest son is leaving to spend time with a friend in Indiana tomorrow. He will be gone until Sunday. We are taking a "loose" spring break this week. We will be work through somethings and spending some time getting some "farm" stuff done. We are having a 4-H meeting here tomorrow with our angora rabbits. We having been cleaning out the rabbit barn and cleaning cages from the winter. It is so nice to have a clean barn after a long winter! Our barn isn't really a barn but I have stolen a good portion of our pole barn/garage. I hope someday to have a real barn, even if it is just a small one. We have had no luck with selling our house, which doesn't really surprise us. In the town we live in there are houses for sale on every block in town and what seems like every mile in the country. We are still hopeful, but we also know that his family is anxious to put Grandma's house on the market if we aren't going to be able to sell ours. Time will tell.

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