Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shop stuff

I still have some hand-spun angora rabbit items for sale. The hats are $35.00 each. The mittens are $40 (size med./large,) and the hand crocheted whirly scarf is $50. Put a comment in the comment box if you are interested in them:)Thanks Bekah for modeling!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Homeschool week

As the week has progressed I have come more to terms with the realization of why we homeschool. In the midst of Orthodontrist appointments, horseback riding lessons, music practice, piano lessons, kids getting together with friends and everything in between I have come to the realization as to why we do what we do (and this is a we not a me). I am a part of everything they do. I am their chauffer, their confident, their teacher, cook, nurse, everything. That is a part of their lives I wont give up easily, yet know it is coming to an end quickly. I have struggled with that "public school" mentality for so long and realize I am where I am supposed to be. It has taken me 6 years of homeschooling to get here, but I think I finally get it!