Thursday, June 25, 2009

Promise 2009 Unafraid

My oldest son has been traveling for the last 2 weeks with a college/high school drama team. It is called "Promise 2009 Unafraid" It is a group of 25 high school student from surrounding states that take this program on the road. We were fortunate to have them hit our home congregation on Tuesday. It was AWSOME! Our son is a HUGE piano man, but singing has never been one of his things, until now! Hubby and I were somewhat "dumb-struck" (which is why only half of the song is on tape LOL) by his singing, because he never like to do it. He is singing the solo part here: Remember to pause my blog music on the bottom tool bar and this might take a minute before you can listen without it skipping.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dyed Angora Fiber

I had never dyed my angora fur before it was turned into yarn...until today. I took some older stuff I hadn't used and dyed it with Wiltons cake icing dye. Right now I am carding it and it turned out pretty good! The color is "copper" I was worried it would felt while it dyed but it didn't! I am just carding it with dog brushes as I am still trying to get my hands on some real carders or a drum carder, but for now these work.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Piano Recital 2

My camera atomatically split the recital into two parts and I couldn't get it all downloaded so this is the second half! Note: having problems getting part 2 uploaded. Maybe hubby will be able to when he gets back!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Piano recital

I am going to be a bragging, proud mom in this post and put my oldest son in the spotlight here. God has truly gifted him with a musical talent and it shows! Enjoy!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Rabbits for Sale

These are the rabbits we have for sale right now:

The first picture is Laura, she is a french angora and was born in Oct. 2008. She is $40. The next ones are George and Jerry, also French and born in Oct. 2008. One is black the other is blue in color. They are $40 each. The next three are the english angoras and they have pedigree papers. They were born in April. Two of them are REW and the other is a tort. They are $50 each. The last one is Willie, he is a REW french and was born in Oct. 08'. He is also $40.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


It has been a while since I posted. Lots of things have been going on around here, we finally finshed our 6th year of homeschool (happy dance). All the puppies where sold within a matter of a couple of days. We could have sold 20 if we would have had them. We were somewhat worried that we wouldn't with the economy so bad here in Michigan, but they went like wild fire and all to really good homes. We even had some people call us a week later to give us updates and tell us how sweet all the puppies were. I have sold some more rabbits last week also. Hubby and I went on our yearly escape to Mackinac Island. It was wonderful, but we had to buy mittens so we could do our usual bike riding expeditions. It was COLD, but the sun was shinning and there was no snow LOL. That Michigan in June. I haven't posted much about this, but he has been writing a book for 3 years now and finally finished a couple of months ago! What a huge accomplishment, now he is editing and hoping to get it published. It is a family devotion, but not like the ones that are out there. These are family memories for us, even from when we were kids. Then there are activities to do each night like green pea fight in the kitchen (watch out for this one moms!), everyone pitch in with dishes, but first get your swim suits on, and lots of different things like that. There will also be a companion book that your can write your own family story memories. It is so fun to do at the table at night. He started his book ministry blog last week and I have it linked here so hopefully he will start blogging soon (hint):) He has been traveling for work alot this spring so I used that time to refinish Grandmas and Grandpas table that we have and the benches that my father in law made to go with them. They turned out beautiful! Here are some new pics: