Friday, February 19, 2010

Sad News

In the midst of all the exciting things happening around here, life has found a way to throw us a blow. Last weekend our daughters had a sleep over. Saturday morning they were playing a game with hubby running through the house and between the two decks outside. I was out doing chores and let our male Lab Ardee out of his kennel so I could feed and water him (he was banned there because our female is in heat and we did NOT want another batch of puppies this spring) I put him on his leash and went into the garage to do something and the next thing I know one of the girls was screaming. I went running, Hubby went running and come to find out she had slipped and fallen near Ardee and he bit her...BAD. We were devestated. We got the girl calmed and dressed her wound, called her folks, called the police, called the vet. Everything we needed to do. After talking to the vet we made the very, VERY, difficult decsion that Ardee will have to go. We unfortunatly have to wait 10 days before he can be put down due to the laws here in Michigan. This is the hardest thing we have had with our animals. He is in his kennel outside my kitchen window and it is killing me. I spent two days crying and then reality kicked in and know there is no other choice. He has a record now (we have a record now) and if we were even able to find him a new home (no one will take them usually after something like this has happened) and he bit again, we would be in trouble. We have tons of kids (and adults) running through this house constantly and I would be stressed all the time having to watch just can't be. It is so hard knowing this is the dog that lays on our beds when we are sick and won't leave until we get up. This is the dog my kids wrestle on the floor with, and the two younger ones have been known to "ride" him. We have many memories with him, thankfully until last weekend...all good. Thankfully the girls parents were WONDERFUL, and made us feel better over what happened. I look forward to next week when this is all behind us.

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