Monday, February 22, 2010

It isn't over yet!

Well here we are with another storm that is moving through, and the third week in a row I have had to cancel a visit with my sister. Kristy lives up in Bay City and 2 weeks ago we were hit with 9 inches, last week my niece was sick and now today we are dealing with another storm. (Sorry Krissy!) The kids spent a couple hours outside playing in it. Homeschooling can be a bummer when mom doesn't give snow days:) But they did get some playing in.

We also have worked on notebooking for history this morning. Things have gotten a "blah" on the creative side of things so I tried to inspire them this morning with some ideas that they could do. So far this is what they have done this morning.

I have been BUSY this morning also. I have 3 loaves of bread in the oven right now in my new pans that I love. I also have my 5th block of cheddar cheese in the press right now. I am finding out when you have the right equipment and do it a few times, it almost becomes second nature. We get raw milk shares from friends of ours and we were able to trade extra gallons of milk every week for a block of cheese for them!! So we also then have extras for our cheese. We also had 6 chicks hatch a couple of weeks ago. They are much bigger now, but it is always fun to see them come out of their eggs!!

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