Friday, July 24, 2009

V.B.S. gone BAD:)

This past week was VBS at church. With 4-H fair being next week for us I wasn't able to work all week because I was doing running for the kids to practice and meetings, but Hubby and some of the kids helped. We always have a mission goal for the kids, and this time it was a local pregnancy center. Well the first goal was our associate pastor would shave his head, we beat that goal the third night, so the second goal was one of the other guys would and of course hubby couldn't be out done so you guessed it he is now bald! Its funny because a couple of our younger ones were really upset with him. Joshie told he he wouldn't look at him unless his hat was on! I don't think he has either! This only thing I have gotten out of the whole deal were a couple of really good wise cracks about rubbing his head 3 times and seeing if a genie appears:)!!!! Hubby is the one in the middle.

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