Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Our neighbors in the middle of a "pond" after the storm

Our sad garden (yes those are tomatos!)

Boys playing a board game

Happy Birthday Joshie!

My boys on the "torpedo" on the 4th

The summer is flying by! We have a tremendous amount of stuff going on this summer. This week was our "baby's" 8th birthday. Happy Birthday Joshie! Hubby is in Tennessee, hopefully this will be his last trip for a little bit. He has spent alot of time this spring and summer on the road and I am ready for it to be done! We spent the 4th with friends at the lake and had a great time. The boys and hubby went fishing last weekend so the girls and I painted their room. I will post pictures as soon as it is clean:) We went to visit my sister in Bay City also and worked on 4-H projects so we had a busy weekend. The kids had friends spend the night last night. We have a couple of very busy weeks coming up between VBS and 4-H fair which everyone is involved in. Before we know it school will be back! I have a sick angorga, I think he may have had a stroke. It doesn't look good and he is one of the original 3 that we got, so it is especially hard, I keep hoping but I dont think he will make it. Our garden is is a "sad state of affairs"! We have had record rainfall in April and June. Shortly after we planted we had 5" of rain in one night and almost our entire 2 acres was under water. So the only thing I can hope for now is a beautifully warm fall!

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