Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4-H fair

It has been a great fair so far this week. Kay recieved 3 blue ribbons, and 2 honor awards. The honor ribbons were for her oil painting and her whole wheat bread and her other exhibt was a sun-dress. Bekah got a blue ribbon for her skirt, a blue for her lemon tarts (thank you Grandma Joyce) and today she showed rabbits for the first time. She recieved a B-red ribbon for breeding class, because her rabbit is molting and the poor thing is almost bald:) For showmanship she received an honor award, I was really proud of how well she did for the first year! Joshie did clover bud showmanship, which basically is the judge going through each step and letting the little kids see how to do it. He did great working with Bekah's rabbit and wants to go on next year. The two older boys are in a band and they will be performing on Thursday morning so hopefull more awards and more pictures to be posted!

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