Saturday, April 4, 2009

Baby Angora bunnies!!!!

We had another batch of angora babies on Wednesday night while we were at church!! These are English angoras ( I think they look like ewoks) They look like little rats right now, the pictures were taken right after they were born! There are 7 of them. Hopefully we will be able to sell some of them! We had a lot of people interested when we had the french angoras for sale, everyone wanted these kind so we are hopeful that we can sell at least half of them. We did end up selling 3 of the 7 french babies. Today is our 17th wedding anniversary! It measures up to about 30 years in today standards! We will hopefully be celebrating in May up at Mackinaw Island! We already have reservations at the Inn that we have stayed at the last few years. Hubby will be gone about 2 weeks, every month, out of the next 3 months on business, so the trip will be a welcomed change after him being gone so much!

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