Monday, April 13, 2009

Things are blooming on the farm

What a weekend! 4 of the 5 kids have had the "plague" since Thurs. Our youngest had to be taken to the e.r. at 2 a.m. Sunday morning with an asthma attack, he is at home but has some kind of virus. My bedroom is an infirmary right now. Sat morning around 1 a.m. it was a nursery as our lab had her pups! 9 beautiful pups, 3 chocolate and 6 black, just like mama. So between the two nights hubby and I got very little sleep! We did have a blessed Easter although only half of us were at church together. I am also posting pictures of the baby angoras, they have grown ALOT in a week. I finally got a chocolate angora (that I a keeping for myself) You can see he has a white stripe, which my horse crazy daughter informed me it would be called a "blaze" by all the "horse experts" so that might be his name! Thanks Bekah! The bunnies and puppies are ALL for sale!!! I also sent out my first sample skein of angora yarn to a shop in hopes of selling some!!!

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Jennifer said...

Congrats on the puppies and bunnies! Sorry to hear your family has been sick though!