Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yarn in shop

I have 4 new skeins of yarn that are for sale. They vary in yardage and price. Angora yarn is 7 times warmer than wool and has a beautiful "halo" effect when crocheted or knitted. They are sometime referred to as "urban sheep" due to the fact that alot of people in apartments or homes in the city can keep angoras as a source of fiber. We comb ours out to get the fiber (no, we do not kill them!) and then we spin them here at home. I have two grey skeins (although the rabbits would be considered a "black color") and two natural skeins. I charge $0.28 a yard. The skeins range from $23 to $38 and they are between 84 yards to 140 yards. Leave a comment here if you are interested in them or would like more information. I can also dye a skein any color you have in mind.

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