Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Chicken Tractor

My Father-in-law is the Best!!!! He retired a couple of years back and picked up woodworking projects as a hobby. He does alot of neat little projects to sell here and there, and some cool corn toss games for the outdoors. Well a couple of weeks back hubby told him if he wanted a great idea for me for a Christmas present that I would love a chicken tractor. Now if you have no idea what I am talking about, (no I haven't been hanging out too long with the chickens and lost it!) basically it is a chicken coop on wheels so you can have free rangers in the yard and they are safe and you can find the eggs they are laying. Well tonight my Christmas present rolled into our yard unexpectantly!!!!! We are so excited. He did an awsome job and we wasted no time rounding up some girls to get in there. In the pictures you will notice the "Nee's girls" on back of the barn, that's my nickname. Thanks Dad Mc, I love it!!! Well we finally got our 11 turkeys butchered this past Sat. with Grandma Joyces help. Here are the before pictures:(I'll spare you the after!) and also the kids are mad cuz all the animals are on the blog and they're not!!! Sorry guys! Here they are working dilligently! Life is good! Oh! also one of my angoras is due to have babies any time this week!

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