Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mint Farm in Trouble

This is so sad to me and it helps me realize that this type of thing is happening all the time today and now it is close to home. A local mint farm (the largest in the U.S.) is less than a mile from us. The fields are all around us and bring wonderful smells to the air every August. I always look forward to harvesting time because this is one farm smell that is soooo awsome! Well now this farm is being forclosed on and are in need of selling off mint oil stock by Nov. 1 to save this farm. I can't believe our community would let this happen we have a whole 3 day long celebration every August "The Mint Festival" that revolves around this farm. I will be purchasing some off the oil and I know there are alot of people out there who would use some (making soaps or other great things you can do with it). Go here to see the farm and if you feel led place an order. It really is not expensive at all and has lots of great uses. There is also a youtube video at the bottom you can watch and see the owner tell about the farm. We need to stick together and help these places out.

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