Monday, October 13, 2008


I just got back from taking our youngest daughter to horseback riding lessons. She is in horse heaven right now and soooo much enjoyed it. She did a week long camp at an equestrian center that is only 3 miles from us this summer, and we decided to let her do every other week lessons (money is an issue as lessons are quite expensive) but she is sooo thrilled. I will remember the camera at her next lesson so I can post some pictures. I really like this place because not only do the kids ride for close to an hour they also have to put the horses away, take off all the tack and put that away, and brush the horses AND clean out the stall of the horse they rode, real life stuff. On the animal front here, the baby angoras are doing great so far, they will be a week old on Wed. we are helping mama feed them as rabbits can be finicky about feeding them and she was, so we bring her in the house every day around 2 and feed them all. I will post pictures of them later this week. Our "mama" hen surprised us with a fall batch of 5 chicks out in the barn so even though fall is around the corner things are blooming here.

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