Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Love Science!!!

That title seems weird coming from someone who did not enjoy school, especially science. I didn't hate it like math (which is a whole other post) but, in the last 8years of homeschooling (Yes, this Mom who really disliked school, LOVES homeschooling!!!) I have gone through ALOT of curriculum. I have switched over on all of it except science. We have done Apologia since the beginning and I have always been happy with it. I have learned so much along with the kids too. This year we jumped into the new Anatomy for the elementary kids. We just finished the first chapter and I think this one is the best yet! I went ahead this year and purchased the notebooking journals (we have always done the journaling, just with our own binders) and they are wonderful. The kids did the "jello cell" this morning and it turned out so neat and it reinforces what they learned by putting all the parts(candy)of the cell(jello)together. I would HIGHLY recommend any of the Apologia sciences to any homeschool parent out there, but be prepared to enjoy science like you may have never done before!

Jello Cell

B and J putting cell parts together


OurCrazyFarm said...

I have heard lots of good comments on the Apologia science curriculum~ I just may have to check it out as we are in need of a good science program other than the hands on farm science that is always going on:) Looks like fun!

Teresa said...

we are doing the jello cell this week also, kids can't wait!!