Saturday, September 11, 2010

Back To Reality

How is it that time sees to pass so quickly these days? I can't believe it has almost been a month since my last post! We had a wonderful vacation and very relaxing. I will get some pictures posted this weekend. We started school 2 weeks ago and have had a great start so far. Four of the kids have joined our local Homeschool music group and three of them had their auditions this morning. They did a great job and I was so proud of them. This will be a huge commitment for our family with practice time and concerts, but I have come to find out that all five of our kids are very gifted in music and that is something that I can't teach here at home, but I can find an outlet for it! I have decided to step out of my comfort zone and will be doing craft show type event in two week at a local Nature Center. They are having a "Heritage Festival" and the girls and I decided to take some of our fiber, yarn and items that I have made and see if there is any interest in the angora market. I have wanted to get the word out about my business for awhile but in all honesty have just been chicken to do it. I think this venue will be great though since it is a heritage festival and a lot of what I do is with my spinning wheel. They are also having re-enactments which the girls and I love anyway so we will have a great time there I am sure.

I can't believe it has been nine years since 9/11. I can remember that day vividly as if it were yesterday. Our youngest was only two months old when it happened and now he is so grown up (being that he is 9 and all, LOL) I remember it was a BEAUTIFUL day here, and I wanted to go pick up our kids at school, but they were all on lock-down so I couldn't anyway. I am sure that all the people that lost loved ones that day also have such strong memories as the rest of us.

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