Thursday, March 27, 2008

Funny Farm

The farm has grown in the last week! My hubby went to a taxidermy trade show in Grand Rapids last week and he bought a puppy!!! His name is Artie and he is a beautiful Golden Lab. We already have a black lab, so we are hoping for puppies in a couple of years! We also got our chickens and turkeys for the year. So if you walked into my dining room/schoolroom/animal nursery this is what you find! Puppy kennel on one side and boxes of birds on the other! LOL Needless to say we aren't doing much "dining" in here right now!!

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mrs.trout said...

I am so pleased to find other familys that still put God first and family still means family. I feel one of the greatest gifts God could have given to me is my family, and to take care of them has always been an honor not a chore... thank you for letting ardie into your family, it brings my heart great joy. Also thank you for sharing your family with us and letting us meet them. you are truely blessed.
Paul, Brenda and all of the gang