Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Trees

As I get older "free" is a word that I really need to think about before I jump at the "free" item because a lot of times it comes with a price. This year Scott's aunt called us and said there was a "pine tree" that need to be removed from his grandma's yard and it is perfect shape for a Christmas tree would we want it. Not only was it free, but we both loved the idea of going to Grandma's to cut it down, so we said we would take it. Well it was a beautiful shaped tree, but very, very large. So after much trimming when we got home and pushing and shoving to get it to the family room it was time to decorate. We took a closer look at the tree, and realized that it wasn't a pine or a spruce but more of a juniper/shrub type and very poky. Well that was okay it was FREE and we can just be careful decorating it. It was beautiful with all the lights and ornaments on, but after about a week we had to be very careful walking near the tree because if you stepped on one of the "needles" it hurt! Then a couple days later we couldn't touch it as it would drop a pile of it's "needles" on the floor. This became increasingly more difficult to put presents under the tree for fear of ending up with a Charlie Brown tree with a week or more to go before Christmas! The tree did make it until yesterday and then we decided to take it down right away today because it was so messy. We had to saw it into pieces in order to get it out with out making too much of a mess. I spent 2 hours or more on the floor trying to pick and vacuum at the same time as all the needles were being buried into the depths of our carpet. I am sure we will be stepping on needles for months and when anyone comes over I will have to put up a warning sign. Morale of the story: There is a reason why pines and spruces are the only kind of Christmas trees in the tree lots.

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