Saturday, August 21, 2010

End of Summer

Cam and Kayla patiently waiting

Josh shooting last fall

Nolan and Cam playing at 4-H

Bekah at rabbit show

Kayla won a Rosette for her Style Revue dress

I keep trying to figure out where the time goes! We are getting ready to leave for our annual one week vacation to the Upper Peninsula. This week is much loved by all of us because there really are no plans set in stone, unless you count sitting by the fire at 7a.m. watching the sunrise, or sitting by the fire at 11p.m. and watching the stars.

I am always amazed every year at the stars. We live in the country but we are just a few miles from a small town and about 20 miles from Lansing. So we see stars, but not like we do up there. It is amazing. The whole sky is spotted and you can see clusters of stars and planets.

I am really proud of the garden/canning that we have done so far this year. I hope to come home to it still producing. I haven't totaled all my cans and frozen stuff yet, but it is a lot. All the kids have been helping this year, which made a huge difference for me. Even the girls are getting in on the canning bit!

These are some various pictures from the last few weeks, although I think the archery one is from last fall!

We had a great 4-H, Kayla and Nolan came home with Rosettes, and Nolan and Cameron also got one for their band performance, Bekah got a "best of breed male" for her rabbit. We got numerous "A" and also some "B" ribbons this year.


OurCrazyFarm said...

Sounds like my kind of vacation! Hope you all have fun and great weather:)) Our fair weekend is coming up so we are into that busy stage of getting all the last minute projects finished up. Congrats on all those ribbons!

Josh said...

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