Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Life as a Cruise Director

I have been struggling lately with "low mommy moments". The easiest way to explain this for me, is I feel like a "cruise director" on a ship, but I never go anywhere amazing or get a big fat pay check!! I have been scheduling, running, helping, running, telling kids they need to run, telling hubby we need to do something, Oh, did I mention running? Part of the struggle comes from seeing my kids older and not needing me like they did when they were little. Now I hand them money and the keys to the car and pray they will make it wherever safely. The boat I am directing is in quickly changing waters and it is scary! I feel like I am constantly moving, but I am not getting anywhere. August always seems to be a difficult month. We have 4-H week, hubby and I and the older 3 kids work a week of camp as counselors (which I am stepping back from this year), and we go on vacation to the Upper Peninsula the last week in August, then school starts up again!! Wow! time sure does fly as you get older.

On a better note, the garden is in full swing and I have already canned 32 quarts of pickles this week! My tomatoes are a bit slow, but I look for them to hit the next week or so.

Hubby's radio show was picked up by a syndicated blog talk show out of Dallas. That was huge for him! He will be on every Sunday afternoon at 3p.m.

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