Monday, May 17, 2010


Hubby and I are down in North Carolina at a writers conference for his blog talk radio show, and I am well...ON VACATION!!! WHOOOO FOR ME! This is the longest I have been away from our children, and as most moms know, homeschoolers or not, by mid-May our brains are mush, and if we bend over too far there is that chance of them seeping out our ears (at least for me). We are at Lifeway Ridgecrest Retreat Center, which is a beautiful place in the mountains. Honestly, I had never heard of it before this retreat. Think Christian camp on a massive level. The rooms we are staying in are like hotel rooms. There is a book store and a coffee shop on campus which I will be at as soon as I finish blogging. I had hoped to take some longgg quiet walks on the trails through the mountains, but when we checked in yesterday we were handed a bright yellow "Bear Sighting Warning" poster, so I am thinking that is not such a great idea to do by myself. I will hit the local town in search of the Black Mountain Yarn shop and see what I can find to bring home to spin with. Hubby tried to talk me into packing my spinning wheel and I just thought it would be too much of a bother, now I wish I would have. There are some pretty big name authors that are speaking this week. Jerry B. Jenkins (Left Behind series) spoke last night. Now I have to admit, I have never read the books and don't plan to, but he is a very powerful speaker. He had a great message last night. We also "hung out" with Steven James (thriller author) and Todd Starnes from Fox News. We heard Todd speak this morning, he was hilarious and has a new book out which I am going to buy. Hubby did an interview with Jerry Jenkins and that will be on his show tomorrow night.

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Keller Kids said...

I am envious. It looks beautiful. Have a great week. Tammy