Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Storm Watch

The first "big one" is predicted for the next 2-3 days. The only problem is that we live right in the "middle of the mitten" and what we get is never as much as what they predict. The kiddos are hopeful though that the snow pants and boots will be needed for morning chores. We have only had about an inch of snow so far this entire season (with Gr. Rapids getting over 10 inches in the same storm!) Things are continuing to be busy around here. The count down to Christmas (and break) has begun. School is going well, Oldest got his PSAT scores in the mail this last weekend and he did VERY well. We are so proud of him, although he would have probably qualified for the national merit scholarship, he is only a sophmore and you have to be in your junior year to qualify. As a homeschool mom with no "college teacher" training, this just continues to help me know that what we have choosen for our kids is so RIGHT! All of them show so many different talents, with music being the common bond for all of them. So far we have a pianist, an AWSOME guitarist, a flutist, a violinist (who has am AMAZING voice for a 10 year old), and....yup...a wanna-be drummer, time to invest in the earplugs and more hair dye for Mom! I have been busy spinning and crocheting up a storm. I have an angora shawl finished for my sister, and 4 Christmas stockings almost finished for family. I am hopeful they will all be finished by Christmas Eve, although I had my doubts at one point!

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~OurCrazyFarm said...

What an inspiring post for another homeschool mom with no "college education":) Good job! We also are preparing for this big snow storm here in WI. I am actually looking forward to a good old-fashioned snow storm and being snowed in for a day, especially since Rob will be home. First we need to finish putting plastic on the barn windows, tho, since winter really is coming!