Monday, June 8, 2009

Rabbits for Sale

These are the rabbits we have for sale right now:

The first picture is Laura, she is a french angora and was born in Oct. 2008. She is $40. The next ones are George and Jerry, also French and born in Oct. 2008. One is black the other is blue in color. They are $40 each. The next three are the english angoras and they have pedigree papers. They were born in April. Two of them are REW and the other is a tort. They are $50 each. The last one is Willie, he is a REW french and was born in Oct. 08'. He is also $40.

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OurCrazyFarm said...

Hi Renee! I have really enjoyed reading through your blog! Especially the post from way back about doing chores in your PJ's! Conviction! That's what coveralls are for! My sister and I have a long running homeschool joke and do regular "Pajama Patrols". The kids especially enjoy it!

You have inspired us to learn more about raising angora rabbits. I love learning new things about farming and raising different animals. Your labs are beautiful! We just had to put down our chocolate lab, and miss her very much.

I look forward to checking in on your family and farm! Thanks for listing me in your blog list! This blogging is so fun; such a neat way to meet people you would never know otherwise. ~Terri